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Screenshots for Hotel Software

This page displays interactive screenshots for Hotel Software that gives you an accommodating way to understand software features and working.

1. Set Hotel Profile

With this option, you can insert hotel name, street, phone number, email, country, currency etc and save hotel information in database.


2. Set Up User

This is used to set up user name and password for accessing hotel information.


3. Customer Check In

This feature is utilized to add customer details like name, ID, address, contact no etc; check in date, staying days and check out date. You can also edit room information for example room type, room number, floor, charges, amount per day etc.


4. Check Out

Similarly, you can manage check out details like check out date, number of staying days etc.


5. Customer Check In

You can append check in date, prepaid amount, total charges etc as displayed in following snapshot:


6. Add Customer

Add customer particulars like ID, name, gender, date of birth, address, city, state, country, nationality, passport no and card number to conserve them in database.


7. View All Rooms

This alternative gives information about available and unavailable number of rooms for your convenience.


8. Check Out Report/Receipt

You can get hard copy of check out receipt for verification purpose.

9. Booking Report/Receipt

Similarly, you can get booking receipt with booking details.


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