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How To Use Hotel Software

This page gives you a complete overview of Hotel Software functionality and you will get a brief idea of operating software functions.

Start with "Set Hotel Profile" in which you can save hotel name, address, currency, taxes etc.


 After that add user profile through Set Up User.


Next follow the normal procedure for performing transaction in respect of consumer seeking needs for rooms plus facility namely as:-

1. Customer Check in

Comprises of general customer’s information (name, ID, Phone number, address etc.) checkin ‘s data( checkin date, staying, checkout date etc.)room’s data (room types-(single seater, double room),room number, floor, amount per day etc) then perform booking transaction accordingly.


2. Customer checkout

Includes basically search particular account of each customer by enter their room number in checkout format that contains same information format as like that of checkin format result in warmly handle and maintain each data of user in definite format without distortion and loss of data.


You can view room information regarding availability of rooms such as-

1. All rooms (single, double, sharing)

2. Available room

3. Unavailable room


Add customer details using "Add Customer" alternative.


Add Room details as per requirements via Room Information:


Print check in, check out and booking receipts to give a hard copy to user for purchase notification.


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